The Contractors Plan
Welcome to The Contractors Plan Loan Program

Welcome to The Contractors Plan Loan Program

A word about retirement savings plan loans

The decision to borrow from your retirement savings should never be taken lightly.    Before making the decision to take out a loan from your 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plan, please read Facts about Retirement Savings Plan Loans. If you decide to apply for a  loan line, be sure to check out How to Establish a Line of Credit for suggestions on ways to minimize your loan amount and expedite repayment.

The Contractors Plan Loan Program Highlights and Benefits

No other similar service can provide you with the same level of security during times of need while never losing sight of your retirement goals. The Contractors Plan Loan Program enables you to:

  • Limit your loan amount to your exact need
  • Accelerate repayment when you choose
  • Avoid certain taxes and penalties if you change jobs by having the ability to continue the same regular payment schedule after termination so that your loan won’t be deemed a taxable distribution
  • Feel comfortable about increasing your contributions knowing you will have access to your savings in times of need
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